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Will my photos be shared with others or used outside of the service?
Photos are used only for analyzing and selecting cosmetics, files are not saved and not used further. The service does not get any access to your data and devices. When uploading, the service analyzes the photo data and builds recommendations based on this data.

Why can the results of tests conducted at the same time be different?
The service analyzes dozens of parameters and since the analysis occurs at the moment of photo uploading and each diagnosis is unique, the service can offer different remedies. At the same time each analysis will give correct recommendations - the service selects means by compositions and if different means have the necessary volume for solving your problems in different diagnostics can appear different means.

Why does the service respond to poor quality photos and photos of children and animals?
The service tries to get the maximum amount of data from the photo you uploaded. If the photo is of very poor quality or is not a person when diagnosing, the service focuses on the answers to the skin questions as a basis and gives general recommendations.

Why is it that when you go to a website with cosmetics, you can't buy them?
To buy Greenway Global products you need to be a registered customer or partner of the company, how to do this you can learn on the official website of the company

Why doesn't the service show my age?
The service does not guess your age, but determines what age your skin corresponds to. If the age shown is lower than the actual age, your skin condition is better, your skin is more "young" and healthy, i.e. it needs basic care, components that are aimed at preserving skin properties. If the age in the diagnosis is higher than the actual age, then the selected care will be more complex and aimed at returning the skin its natural properties corresponding to your actual age.

How do I contact the developers of the service?
You can send your questions, recommendations on the work of the service or other requests to the official e-mail of the project -

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